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The Japanese company Omron today is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software systems for the automation of technological processes. The 3G3MX2 series is designed to perform a variety of functions with the ability to control both synchronous and asynchronous motor types and other machines. This frequency drivers has additional options such as positioning function, brake control, fire mode and many others. Also freq
Accessorie for Omron controllers. Series 3G8F7.
Expansion Module Link Unit. 5 Vdc. 95.4 x 31 x 82 mm. Series CJ1W
Interface module DeviceNet for CJ1. Master/slave.
The communication module CPU for connecting additional expansion racks
CJ series input unit
The communication module CPU for connecting additional expansion racks
Contact Output Unit with Terminal Block. 16-Point Output.
Stable power supply. CJ-series.
High-speed Communications Bus Unit
Omron CPU Module. Series CJ2M
Omron E3SCL12M. Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case. Sensing distance: 5 - 200 mm. Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable. NPN/PNP output. Pre-wired models (2 m). Series: E3S.
Omron E3SGS3E4. Grooved-type Optoelectronic Sensor. Series: E3S.
Omron E3SLS10XB4. Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor.  Sensing distance: 30 - 100 mm. Series: E3S.
Omron E3SR86. Photoelectric Sensor. Sensing distance: 0,1 - 1м. Reflective with reflector. Series: E3S.
Omron E3TSL132M. Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensor. Sensing distance: 5 - 15 mm. Detection Range PNP. IP67. Series E3T.
Omron E3TSL242M. Compact photoelectric sensor of diffuse reflection. Square shape.
Omron E3TSR212M. Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor. Sensing distance: 10 - 200 mm. NPN Output
Omron optoelectronic sensor E3TSR242M. Distance: 0-0,2 м.
Omron sensor E3XNA11. 2m cable.
Omron Photoelectric Sensors E3XNA41. PNP 12 to 24 VDC. 35 mA (Max.)
Omron Industrial Photoelectric Sensor  E3Z-B87. Retro-reflective without M.S.R. function. Sensing distance: 0,5 -  2 m.
Omron sensor  3ZM-V812M. 12 mm Mark Sensor.
Digital Temperature Controller. Series E5CC.
Omron Safety Sensor F3SG4RA083030.
Omron Safety Sensor F3SJE0865N25. Hand protection. Detection capability: Dia. 25 mm.  Beam gap: 20 mm. Operating range: 0,2 ... 7 m.
Flexible Motor Power Cable, 100 - 200 V,  3 m.  For G5 series servo system.
Flexible Encoder Cable, 120 - 230 V, 3 m. For G5 series servo system.
3-Phase In, 400Hz Out 7,5 kW, 400 V, 23 A, V1000, IP20, Profibus
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