Part Number
Ignition assembly includes electrode, bracket and Rajah connector
Honeywell original, box of 100. To fit DR4500 Truline 12" recorder.
Honeywell ZR50FA
Honeywell ZR100FA
Honeywell ZD8X8TZ
Honeywell ZD8X6TZ
Honeywell ZD8X28TZ
Honeywell ZD8X26TZ
Honeywell ZD8X24TZ
Honeywell ZD8X22TZ
Honeywell ZD8X20TZ
Honeywell ZD8X18TZ
Honeywell ZD8X16TZ
Honeywell ZD8X14TZ
Honeywell ZD8X12TZ
Honeywell ZD8X10TZ
Honeywell ZD6X8TZ
Honeywell ZD6X6TZ
Honeywell ZD6X28TZ
Honeywell ZD6X24TZ
Honeywell ZD6X22TZ
Honeywell ZD6X20TZ
Honeywell ZD6X18TZ
Honeywell ZD6X16TZ
Honeywell ZD6X14TZ
Honeywell ZD6X12TZ
Honeywell ZD6X10TZ
Honeywell ZD28X8TZ
Honeywell ZD28X6TZ
Honeywell ZD28X20TZ
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