Part Number
Cable for cannection to terminal block.
Cable for cannection to terminal block.
The modules of digital inputs with plenty of signals (group 2) contain plenty of digital inputs for optimization of sizes of processor. C200H-ID217 is the type of the type of module for receiving DC signals. These modules use non-standard inputs. However, they allow to increase the general productivity of CPU. Depending on a model there is possibility of choice of the module either on 32 or on 64 inputs. The modules can be set on terminal blocks
The modules of discrete inputs/outputs are presented in a large variety: different values of voltage and current, the number of access points, connecting. C200H-OC224 is 8-bit module of relay output signals. The module with plenty of inputs/outputs (32 or 64) with connector connection are connected with a socket under soldering. Wire-connected methods of connecting of the modules are possible at the use of terminals Omron, screw-thread terminals
C200 module. Motion control 4 axis.
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