Name ACS880-01-061A-3 ID 3AUA0000108021 Сustoms Tariff Code 85044088 Produced in Finland Type Frequency Converter Item Name Frequency Converter Output Current, Light-Overload Mode 58 A Nomimal Input Voltage 380 … 415 V Output Current, Standart Load 61 A Installation Type Wall-mounting NEMA Enclosure type IP21 Nominal Output Power, Heavy-Duty Load 22 kW Nominal Frequency 50 / 60 (+/- 5%) Hz Phases 3 Nominal Output Power, Standart Load 30 kW Nominal Output Power, Light-Overload Mode 30 kW Output Current, Heavy-Duty Load 45 A These drives are really easy to operate. Its makers made sure that any user can operate the tool without trouble. The advanced control panel options allow users to instantly alter speed and other applications. Security comes first with low voltage AC drives. The equipment is safe to use by the machine operators. The required safety features as directed by the concerned agency are applied on this product. With the use of ACS880-01-061A-3, manufacturers can achieve desired production all the time. Different industries can make the most of low voltage AC drives.
Part Number ACS880-01-061A-3
Manufacture ABB
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