Body Size 30 Thread F (G) Port 02 (1/4) Float type auto drain Without Auto drain Pressure gauge / Digital pressure switch E [Square embedded type pressure gauge (with limit indicator)] Check Valve Without Pressure Switch Without Residual Pressure Relief 3 Port Valve Without Set Pressure Standard (0.05 to 0.85 MPa) Bowl type + Drain Cock for Lubricator Standard (Polycarbonate Bowl + Lubricator without Drain Cock) Bowl Guard Without Filter Regulator Drain Port Standard Exhaust Mechanism Relieving Flow direction Standard (Flow Direction: Left->Right) Drain Cock w/Barb Fitting Without Barb Fitting Pressure Units Standard (Name Plate, Caution Plate for Bowl, and Pressure Gauge: MPa)
Part Number AC30A-F02E-B
Manufacture SMC
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